Matt Druckenmiller is a PhD student in Snow, Ice and Permafrost Geophysics. His thesis research seeks to integrate geophysical methods of monitoring and studying Alaskan landfast sea ice (e.g., coastal radar, SAR satellite imagery, electromagnetic induction sounding, etc.) with Iñupiat local and traditional knowledge. This work aims to improve upon monitoring capabilities, the information extracted from satellite and radar technology, and the accessibility of local-scale sea-ice information relevant in areas vulnerable to current and potential impacts from climate change and oil and gas development. His two primary fieldwork locations are in the Chukchi Sea off Barrow, Alaska and in the Bering Strait near the community of Wales.

In addition to being a student in the Geology and Geophysics Department, he is a student in UAF’s IGERT Resilience and Adaptation Program (RAP) and a graduate research fellow with the Oil Spill Recovery Institute.

Science Review:

Druckenmiller reviewed the following ACMP classroom lessons for scientific accuracy:

  • Investigating Ocean Currents

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