Carl Benson, Professor Emeritus of Geophysics and Geology; University of Minnesota, ‘50 B.S., ‘56 M.S.; California Institute of Technology, ‘60 Ph.D. Benson’s glaciology background includes glaciological research on the Greenland ice sheet with CRREL. He joined the institute in 1960, and initiated glaciological research on the Mt. Wrangell summit, investigated interior and arctic Alaska seasonal snow cover, low temperature air pollution problems (including ice fog), and freezing of small turbulent streams. He has worked on the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets and McCall Glacier in the Brooks Range. He studied glacier-volcano interactions in the Wrangell Mountains and on the west side of Cook Inlet. He uses remote sensing applications of passive microwave, SAR, and MODIS imagery. Benson taught in UAF’s Department of Geology and Geophysics from 1960-87, and was department chairman from 1969-73.

Science Review:

Benson reviewed the following ACMP classroom lessons for scientific accuracy:

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